The Hoppiest IPAs to Drink from a Klean Kanteen

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It’s important to demonstrate your values by purchasing products you believe in. When you’re down with the environment, you’ll love Klean Kanteen water bottles for binge-drinking the best craft beers while enjoying nature. These stainless steel water bottles are 100% BPA-free, totally lightweight, and way more eco-friendly (and covert) than plastic bottles when you want to tote this spring’s hoppiest IPAs on-the-go. So now that you’ve clipped that Klean Kanteen onto your bag or belt, which delicious hopstars should you choose for your adventure? Read on.

Founder’s All Day IPA

Pairs well with: Hiking with friends.

It’s right in the name — this beer is meant to be drunk all day long, even when you’re out on a physically rigorous hike! Man, it feels great to have the sun on your skin, hoppy bubbles on your tongue, tinged with the slight taste of aluminum, huh? Civilization just doesn’t get you or how hoppy beer really should be. But you are a tough woman!

Victory Brewing Company Hop Devil Ale

Pairs well with: Taking a nap in a meadow.

Since Klean Kanteens are dishwasher safe, you can fill one with this lovely 6.8% ABV IPA to sip while you drift off in that meadow behind the bowling alley. Lesser women than you would probably be drinking water from of a plastic bottle out here, that is if they could even find here. LOL! Stop being chained to your 9-to-5 jobs and your Bud Lights, and start getting lost outdoors with an IPA in a Klean Kanteen!

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA

Pairs well with: Driving through the forest.

While your yellow Klean Kanteen is a little too big for the cup holder in the car, it perfectly fits two whole 75 Minute IPAs inside — perfect for your hour-and-a-half-long ride through the wilderness “just because”. Enjoy the slight hint of lemon and surprisingly punch of apricot as you navigate the peaceful stretch of highway, free from the rat race. Who needs a coffee in the morning when you have a 7.5% ABV beer that tastes this smooth?

Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA

Pairs well with: the HR meeting to discuss your drinking and frequent personal days.

This one can be a little bit bitter for some people, but it pairs perfectly with your new purple Klean Kanteen and Maureen’s fake concerned face. They want you to sign some forms or something. Make sure to screw the little KK cap on real tight before you lean over, or whoopsie! The dark color of this IPA makes it real hard to get off legal documents. Don’t worry, you are better than this place because you can appreciate a big nose and a sunny day.

So there you have it — the hoppiest IPAs to fill your Klean Kanteen with this spring. Remember — always be sure to drink beer out of your water bottle and wander off into nature responsibly!

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