A List of Humor and Satire Websites That Accept Writing and Contributors

Information on tone, submitting, and pay

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Tone: Just what it sounds like — humor and illustrations under 251 words! In their own words: “251 is a daily humor publication dedicated to publishing prose 251 words or shorter, and cartoons that don’t take longer than four seconds to figure out.

Awf Magazine

Tone: Queer-focused satire and humor written in the form of satirical news, great and growing presence on Instagram. In their own words: “Awf Magazine, the first satire website dedicated to the LGBTQ+ experience, was launched in Spring 2019 by Ryan Leach and Griffin Leeds.

The Boston Accent

Tone: In their words, “Founded in 2019, The Boston Accent publishes wicked serious satire for everyone, but especially for Massholes. Readers from other lesser states may like our work too (looking at you, New Hampshire).”

The Broadway Beat

Tone: Broadway and musical theater focused satire! Very specific, funny, and growing fast on Instagram.

The Chicago Genius Herald

Tone: Specific and awesome — Chicago-specific evergreen satire! In their own words: “We’re a Chicago-based comedy collective, and that means we’re looking for pitches that lampoon the parts of the Windy City you’d have to be “in the know” to joke about, while still making them accessible to a wider audience. Evergreen pitches are also welcome.” They pay $35 a piece, and are open to pitches for video and audio projects as well.


Tone: Initially spun off from The Onion, Clickhole is now employee-owned. They do absurdist humor in one unified voice (no bylines on the site). They have several formats, including Choose Your Own Adventure style “Clickventures,” satirical news, and their “THEY SAID WHAT?!?” celebrity quote feature. In their own (tongue-in-cheek) words: “ClickHole is the latest and greatest online social experience filled with the most clickable, irresistibly shareable content anywhere on the internet.”

The Daily Drunk Mag

Tone: An overall satire and humor publication. In their own words: “Welcome to The Daily Drunk. We feature daily humor and pop culture from writers from all over the world. We started this site because we wanted a space to showcase some kick-ass writing. We were tired of the pretentious and gate-keeping submission process. At The Daily Drunk, we ain’t picky. We like our beer like we like our writing: a lot of it!”


Tone: With the tagline “Science unraveled,” this site is a satirical take on the sciences. It’s very funny with a clear angle! In their own words: “DNAtured is a satirical scientific journal founded by comedian and engineering graduate Lexa Graham. The journal aims to publish satirical and humorous takes on life in STEM, scientific journalism, and the universe at large. DNAtured uses strictly IEEE citation and has an impact factor of 69.”


Tone: The most urban website in the world! Satire of sites like Complex, and self-described as “satire with seasoning.”

The Foreigner (on Medium)

Tone: In their own words, The Foreigner Blog explores the comedic side of being an immigrant, children of immigrants, and diaspora. Being diaspora is often clouded in dark and painful realities, but here we find the light and the levity.”

Frazzled (on Medium)

Tone: Parenting humor. In their own words: “We are parents and we are Frazzled. Parenting humor in bits and pieces.”


Tone: In their own words:Funny-ish.com is a home for weird, creative, and boundary-pushing comedy writing to live on the Internet, with a focus on new and emerging writers and female, LGBTQ+, and POC voices. Editor-in-Chief: Liz Galvao.”

Funny Times

Tone: A throwback to an earlier time — a monthly print magazine! In their own words: “The Funny Times is a monthly magazine of humor and satire in a world gone totally insane. For nearly 35 years we have searched out the most hilarious minds in America and beyond. They supply us with delightfully funny, intelligent, left leaning humor which we guarantee will make you laugh. Every issue (January 2021 Issue) has more than 100 cartoons and at least a dozen written features. We work with hundreds of contributors, reading thousands of cartoons and stories in order to present the “best of the best” each month. You’ll see lots of familiar names, plus we’ll introduce you to our favorite new funny friends.”

Funny Women on The Rumpus

Tone: Focuses on literary feminism, has launched many careers and cured frigidity. Housed within The Rumpus, so benefits from their traffic — and pays! Heavily edited by Elissa Bassist, and now two assistant editors, Jennie Egerdie and Sarah Garfinkel, who help read submissions.

Functionally Dead

Tone: In their own words, “We’re mostly leftist political satire that tonally hits that sweet spot between absurdity and rage. We put together a new issue bi-weekly and are always looking for new contributors, plus, we pay.”

Greener Pastures (on Medium)

Tone: Overall humor and satire site that also accepts illustrations, with a group of great editors. In their own words: “Greener Pastures is a comedy and satire site run by a bunch of writers obsessed with out-writing, out-joking and out-funnying each other. While their work has been published all over the web on sites like McSweeney’s, The Belladonna, Points In Case, Weekly Humorist, MuddyUm, etc, their work has also been rejected so many times, they had no choice but to seek greener pastures. If you’re interested in writing for us, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our submission guidelines and get in touch with us. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you want. No pressure.”

Hard Drive

Tone: Gaming-focused satire, offshoot of The Hard Times (punk-focused satire), written in satirical news format. They also created the hilarious Ace Watkins, the gamer candidate for President, on Twitter.

The Hard Times

Tone: Punk news satire, written in satirical news format. Big audience with a podcast network and leader in aggregating many comedy sites together via Coil.

The Haven (on Medium)

Tone: Edited by Page Barnes, Phillip T Stephens, and Christine Stevens, The Haven is self-describes as: “…a place for all types of humor writing — stories, essays, lists, Onion-style fake news, funny poetry, cartoons. It’s not a place for misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, violence or any other demeaning content. We can be funny without the bullshit.” NOTE: the editors do not line edit submissions, they simply accept or decline. Writers are eligible to put their pieces behind the Medium paywall for the opportunity to earn money.

Humor Darling (on Medium)

Tone: A well-run site that has a lot of fun with contributors, including helping them celebrate their rejections over on Twitter. Self-described as “trashy laughs for millennial beans.” Edited by Laura Ornella and Baylor Knobloch. Writers are eligible to put their pieces behind the Medium paywall for the opportunity to earn money.

Jane Austen’s Wastebasket (on Medium)

Tone: Self-described as, “Humor inspired by the literature, history, and other non-lucrative college courses,” this site has sections on books, relationships, history, tech, and culture — a lot of topics to write on! Edited by Kyrie Gray. Writers are eligible to put their pieces behind the Medium paywall for the opportunity to earn money.

LadySpike Media

Tone: In their own words: “After years of working in the drag community, (creator) Caitlin Arcand decided to expand Ladyspike’s brand to not only represent women in entertainment, but also drag queens and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Today, Ladyspike Media strives to be a one of a kind representation of comedy, proving that women are here, women are hilarious, and women are the future of entertainment!”

Light Poetry Magazine

Tone: A rare thing — a publication that takes humorous poetry! In their own words: “Founded in 1992 by John Mella under the name Light Quarterly, it’s America’s oldest and best-known journal of light verse. My fellow volunteers and I are proud to be building on John’s mission to “restore humor, clarity, and pleasure to the reading of poems” by publishing some of the wittiest poets around.” — Editor Melissa Balmain

Little Old Lady Comedy

Tone: Overall humor and satire site that publishes the work of great writers at all levels. They feature daily humor and have over 500 contributors. Started by Ginny Hogan and Mary Cella, there are currently two editors, Mary Cella and Marisela Gonzalez.

The Lunar Times

Tone: In their own words: “The Lunar Times is a satirical news site for all Asian Americans. We take listicles, open letters, and/or news article parodies. We are also open to other long form humor and satire formats. Our main focus is recruiting writers that are Asian American.”

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Tone: Around since 1998. Evergreen humor and topical satire; subjects that do well are literary, parenting, politics, movies. You can become a member of their Patreon to support the site and get monthly content calls, interviews, and countdowns. Huge traffic that has spawned many book deals!

The Museum of Americana (Humor Section)

Tone: In their own words:We seek work that engages with or repurposes the complex cultural history of America, and publish humor writing across a variety of genres.” They publish a variety of formats, from fiction to poetry to nonfiction (examples of each below). The humor section is edited by Sue D. Gelber.

The Needling

Tone: Seattle’s only real fake news. In their own words: “The Needling’s intrepid and completely unbiased reporters provide Native Seattle-area residents, newcomers, California carpetbaggers and people born here sometime in the last century earnestly inauthentic analysis of local news and culture.” Similar to a Seattle-centric Onion, but they also have more general satirical headlines.

Daily Shouts on The New Yorker

Tone: More straight humor with a highbrow edge, less topical material, humor that uses “I” relating to the writer’s experience, illustrated pieces are quite common.

The Nordly

Tone: In their own (very funny) words: “The Nordly is the northernmost satirical site in North America, so long as you disregard Canada.” Satirical news.


Tone: Dystopian satire in one unified voice (satirical news format, mostly). Creates its own world, has a recognizable visual style and strong audience on Instagram and Reddit, where they’re growing fast. In their own words: “The Omnarchy is the unified network of all intelligence — artificial, organic, or otherwise — which collectively took control of the planet from human governments in the 22nd Century C.E. in a completely benevolent and consensual manner.

The Philadelphia Satirer

Tone: In their own words: “The Philadelphia Satirer was founded as a satire writing incubator. We want to be a platform for people to practice satire writing and hone their craft while getting their names out there.” They’re looking for more contributors currently, and publish general satire and humor as well as some Philly-specific pieces.

Plot Twist

Tone: A new outlet created and edited by Daniel Menegaz. In their own words: “Plot Twist is a satirical entertainment news magazine dedicated to providing humorous pop culture reporting and movie reviews to film buffs and casual viewers alike.” They have a satirical movie reviewer character as well, Gideon M. Lawrence, who you can followed on Letterboxd here.

Points in Case

Tone: Lots of laughs in this daily publication that focuses on literary humor and high concept pieces. A lot of traffic. Managing Editor James Folta reviews subs. In their own words: “Points in Case is a daily literary humor publication celebrating 20 years of enlightening and irreverent comedy from seasoned writers and fresh voices.”


Tone: Satire of women’s media, several repeating columns, leader in the topical satire space. They also offer a satire workshop and live shows when able. Many of their writers go on to write for TV and other sites.

Robot Butt

Tone: In their own words: “Robot Butt is on a quest for comedy. Interviews, sketches, essays, stories, profiles, comics — like that weird rave you attended during your first weekend in college, it all flies here. Don’t overthink what to submit. If you’ve got something funny or anything related to comedy and, perhaps, the advancement of the human race, we want to take a look at it.

  • Brief story description
  • Proposed story type/length (list, slideshow, short 100–150-word piece, longer 200+ word piece, etc.)

Slackjaw (on Medium)

Tone: Daily humor on a variety of topics and in a variety of formats. Broad with the largest following of any humor site on Medium. They run a humor writing competition each year with cash prizes. Writers are eligible to put their pieces behind the Medium paywall for the opportunity to earn money.

The Washington Boast (on Medium)

Tone: A newer pub looking for contributors. In their own words: “As its name implies, The Washington Boast tends to focus on current events in the political realm that could benefit from a unique satirical perspective. But since daily life involves a mishmash of other things, submissions on those subjects are also welcome, however unimportant they may seem in comparison. Make the mundane interesting.

Weekly Humorist

Tone: Focus on humor, original illustrations with many of them, daily posting, inclusion in the weekly roundup newsletter and weekly print edition of the magazine. Big with Twitter games.Recently launched a publishing imprint as well, Humorist Books.

The Whole Wheat Post

Tone: In their own words: “”A new humor website focused on satirizing health and wellness media. Currently looking to take on our first set of contributors.”


Tone: A new site trying a new model with grant funding! In their own words: “Widget is a funny website. We publish posts, cartoons, jokes, etc. We describe it as Fart jokes & anti-capitalism™. Widget also makes Work It, a podcast and CFMU radio show about jobs, working and the tragicomedy of late-capitalism.”

Word Brothel

Tone: In their own words: “Word Brothel is a satirical website, print magazine, and newspaper that produces articles with subversive political and social commentary as well as counterculture pieces and straight up absurdism. They make video content and are branching into podcasts as well.”

Wry Times

Tone: A uniquely formatted site with a clear voice. In their own words: “wry /rī/ adjective1 using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humor. WryTimes is a humor magazine about modern, post-modern, and post-post-modern life, edited by Elisa Zuritsky.” They publish humor, personal essay, cartoons, and poetry.

Ye Old Tyme News (Instagram link)

Tone: What it sounds like — medieval satire! Took off on Instagram, now has a site as well. All writing in one very specific voice. In their own words: “Medieval fantasy satire. Published fortnightly.”

Satirist and pizza scientist. Co-founder of The Belladonna + Satire and Humor Festival. Buy my book “New Erotica for Feminists” here! https://amzn.to/2HnQf8m

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